Pressure Washing


Pressure WashingCleaning the exterior of your house before applying paint is a requirement. If paint is applied to a dirty service it won’t be long before you notice your paint job chipping away. Not to mention, dirt and grime can cause your paint to bubble or appear a different color than you wanted. Evans Painting is an experienced Birminghampressure washing company that uses pressure washers to clean the outside of houses, office buildings, churches, patios and decks.

Our professionals understand the importance of a clean smooth surface before a paint job can begin. We have a detailed exterior painting process that includes our pressure washing services. Evans Painting does not use pressure washers to remove loose paint from your exterior. We use pressure washing to clean off dirt and other grime before applying a fresh coat of paint.

We use power washing strictly to clean the surface of your home before painting it. A powerwasher improperly used will degrade your wood siding by raising the grain or ripping gouges out of your siding. Our professionals are all properly trained to handle power washing equipment.

The amount of water that comes out of a pressure washer, and the speed that it travels, causes pressure washer to be extremely dangerous. It can be hazardous to you or your family to attempt to use this equipment without proper training. Our professionals are trained regularly and have experience using heavy pressure washing equipment. You can rest assured knowing that we can handle any of your pressure washer needs with the proper safety requirements.

Our professionals will also use a pressure washer to clean your deck or patio before they stain the wood. Cleaning is an important part of the services we provide, and we take it very seriously. Our professionals want you to be proud of the final product, and we strive to please you in every way.

Our Pressure Washing Services Include:

Pressure Washing Services Deck Cleaning Exterior Cleaning
Patio Cleaning Fence Cleaning Birmingham Pressure Washing
Commercial Pressure Washing Residential Pressure Washing Exterior Pressure Washing
Pressure Washing Equipment Pressure Washers Birmingham Exterior Cleaning

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