How To Control Mildew On The Exterior Of Your Home

As a professional painting contractor the number one problem I see on the exterior of houses that we paint is mildew. Because of the climate we have here in Alabama, mildew is a common problem on the exterior of many houses. Mildew is a fungal growth and appears as an unsightly black, brown or yellow stain that can grow on virtually any surface and is commonly seen on siding, trim and gutters.

The best and most effective way to neutralize mildew is by using common household bleach. Using a garden sprayer, mix one part of bleach to about three parts of water and apply the mixture to the affected area. Allow the mixture to work for about a minute before rinsing it off with either a pressure washer or a garden hose. Don’t allow the mixture to dry once you have applied it before rinsing it off or else you will need to re-apply the mixture. If you are concerned about using bleach around your grass or shrubs, then you should consider buying Clorox Outdoor Bleach. This product is safe for use around vegetation and having used this product myself many times I can attest that it is very effective in removing mildew.

Another option is a product called Jomax which will also effectively remove mildew and is safe to use around vegetation. You can purchase both Clorox Outdoor and Jomax at mold-growth-walls-happens if moisture levels too highmost of the large home supply stores. While following these steps will neutralize and remove the mildew for now, unfortunately the mildew will eventually return unless the surface is painted using a quality paint which contains a mildewcide.

A mildewcide is an additive that most of the better quality paints contain which will inhibit any future mildew growth. In addition there are also mildewcide additives such as a product called M-1 that you can add to paint which will further enhance your mildew protection.

If you have any questions about controlling mildew on your exterior or exterior painting, contact a local, reliable Hoover AL house painting company which can assist you.