A Great Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

Around the beginning of spring is a great time of the year for home repair or maintenance projects, especially the exterior painting of your home.

While most people paint their houses to change the appearance of it or to update their colors, there is far more important reasons why you should be concerned with the condition of paint on the exterior of your home.

Paint acts as a protective barrier against all of the weather elements. Rain, sunlight, wind and freezing temperatures all have adverse effects on the paint on your home over time. This is why you should inspect the condition of the paint on your home often and take preventive measures at the first sign of trouble.

One of the signs to look for includes obvious peeling or flaking of the paint. Any exposed wood can begin to deteriorate and rot in a short period of time. Other signs include any blistering of the paint or when the paint’s color begins to fade.

Another thing to check when inspecting the paint of your home is the condition of the caulk around your doors and window frames. Any missing or splitting caulk should also be repaired as soon as possible. The professionals at Evans Painting won’t just paint the exterior of your home, they will repair these damages as well.

Of course, the obvious reason the paint the exterior of your home is because it improves the outward appearance. Nothing can change the entire look and feel of a house more than a new paint job.

If you have noticed any of the warning signs of paint beginning to degrade on your home then call a trusted, fourth generation, Pelham house painting contractor today for a free estimate. Evans Painting can also offer you expert advice on your next project as well as assist you with your color selections.

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